Wednesday, January 12

Ushering in the new Decade 2011!

Welcoming the New Decade 2011!
As we usher in the new Decade, we hopefully usher in Good-Tidings with;

New Dreams: Dreaming new dreams gives us hope as we are alive, well and thriving.

New Hopes: As the saying goes as long as there is life there is Hope; Embracing the new decade is a major plus for us and we should be Hopeful that the future is bright and ours to conquer.

New Loves: Some would find new meaningful Loves in their lives and let go of some of that loneliness and sleeplessness.While others would learn to love and appreciated those they previously overlooked.

New Ambitions: With Dreams come Goals and Goals make us Ambitions; Strive to achieve you Goals so that your Dreams are fulfilled in part or in full.

New Heights: Always strive to greater heights. Aim for the Sky so you fall on the Tree tops.

New Friends: In the course of your daily activities or travels make "Real Friends" that would accompany you on Life's journey. Real friends won't let you down, there would be around when you need them.

New Words: Words are very powerful they can be food for the soul, learn new words everyday to improve your vocabulary and be careful in your daily utterances so as not to negatively influence others.

New Actions: Be Bold, try new Ventures or Activities; Remembered Nothing Ventured! Nothing Gained!

New Beginnings: New Babies will come forth, New Marriages will take place, New Jobs will be gotten, New businesses/Ventures will be started e.t.c. There would be some newness in your life no matter what, just get ready with open arms shun trepidation. You can even decide to Revamp your Life or your Looks to create a whole "New You"

Renewed Spirituality: Let God take the Wheel of your "2011 Vehicle", he know the way and navigates without Google maps. You are even allowed to snooze as he drives on, just trust his motoring skills as there are even beyond that of a Formula 1 driver.

What is the single most important thing you want to achieve in 2011? What would you do differently in 2011? Pray Tell!

I say a "Big Welcome" to 2011 the first year of the new Decade!!!


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