Tuesday, March 15

Does Your Prince Charming really Exist?

I wonder if you have ever asked yourself this question as a woman.
Does Prince Charming really Exist or is he a figment of our imagination?
Who is your "Prince Charming"?

Most females have vivid mental images of what their "Prince Charming" would look like, how he would talk, walk, act, his career choice and so on. Perfection to the T!

The real deal is the man you see on the street corners, in shops, your office, your club, your church and in various other places. These are the real men out there. Not the "Romantic Hero" in your over active imagination or dreams who is coming to rescue you from you "Singleton status".

Throw back to those days when we used to devour Mill & Boons novels and we innocently believed that those "perfect men" in the stories would be the men we would meet in our adulthood. Whoops where we so wrong.
That "Perfect Mills and Boons Hero" does not exist in real life; they only exist in books and that is the plain truth.
Some of us never out-grew those fantasies we still are waiting for the Mills and Boons Hero to come into our lives and sweep us off our feet.
Girl that is never going to happen 'cause he ain't real. Look around you and come to terms that these men you see around you are the real deal; imperfect like the rest of us but they do the best they know how to.

So don't go building castles in the air waiting for your imagined Prince Charming to rescue you from the hands of the "fiery beast"; you just may never be rescued.

Your Prince Charming is right around the corner, he would have flaws and he may irritate you at times, he would even make you so mad at times,most importantly he would love you in the best way he knows how.
Love and compatibility are the key ingredients required here.

All in all your Prince Charming would be imperfect to match your own very present imperfections.

What do you think? Does the Prince Charming of our over active imaginations really Exist?


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