Saturday, June 18

Female Hormones Have a Mind of their Own; Mine sure do!

We women are burdened with so much; motherhood, wifehood, sisterhood, nursing, housekeeping, bossy Bosses, and our "Crazy Hormones".
Do you know the typical female has hormones that start to function from childhood through puberty and motherhood but their potency starts to diminish as we get older towards our menopausal period..
Our hormones if we let them can even enslave us...

Two major ones I and many other women would be used that practically control our lives are the; progesterone and oestrogen
Oestrogen: Is active during puberty stimulating breast, vagina and fallopian tubes development. As well as growth spurts and the distribution of fat in a girl's body.
Mine did not really kick into action until after my mid- teens and for some others their development starts way early even before they enter their teens.
Progesterone: This becomes really active during pregnancy and in the relaxation of the pelvic ligaments and muscles to allow childbirth.
In my first pregnancy both hormones were so low and the pregnancy was threatened. I had to take 8 hormonal injections over the course of 8 weeks to keep my pregnancy safe. Talk about hormones that act the way they want!!!

Both hormones are responsible for regulation our periods.... oh lala and they sure play havoc with our bodies here.
They also most importantly increase in levels during pregnancy and help keep sustain a pregnancy.
After pregnancy they drop drastically in levels even at times leading to postnatal depression in women.... Oh you poor being not womankind again... and it goes on an on.

Right now I am experiencing some hormonal changes which are not typical at this time of the month. And I start to ask my self all those funny questions we ask ourselves when our body changes.

Funny enough so many things bring about hormonal changes in a woman; pregnancy, stress, diet, weight loss, weight gain and so much else that you would wonder how we manage to remain sane.

Are we Enslaved by our hormones? No! I feel we are empowered to do what no man can every naturally achieve with our very eclectic, reactive hormonal bodies.

Tell us how crazy you hormones behave at times!!!


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