Tuesday, July 26

Amidst the Chaos lies Hope! I tell You..

Some days I wonder what our world is coming to; from the Boko Haram's deadly mayhem and bombing across the northern part of Nigeria to the Norwegian mass murderer who ruthlessly took the lives of over 70 teenagers in a crazed attack to the unfortunate yet unexplained death of 27years old multi- Grammy award singer Amy Winehouse and beautiful 26 year old Motunrayo Agbaras, you really wonder what next. What more can go wrong in our world you wonder?

Why are people so self seeking, perpetuating hatred amongst their brothers and sisters. Why are we seemingly not satisfied with our lot? Even when so many others look up to us and wish for our lives we are not satisfied we feel like failures and think the way out is to end it here and now so that the inner unbearable pain in our souls would stop. What happened to us? How did we get this far out? When did life in itself become so inadequate?

From Bin Hammam's disgrace and life long ban to Sepp Blatter's accused dictatorship and inevitable 4th win of the FIFA presidential elections yet again, you wonder is there more to FIFA governance than meets the eye. Is the leadership of FIFA looking out for our worldwide football community which despite all the chaos around us creates bonds between all kinds and classes of people or are they seeking selfish interests. I wonder! I really wonder!!
When two elephants fight the grass usually suffers as the victim. What more would be unearthed in this battle of the Titans?

With the alleged rape accusation against the disgraced IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Khan nicknamed "the great seducer" by Guinea born Diallo which a shady background, you really wonder what other powerful people have used their power and privilege to escape justice or how easy it is to target the high and mighty in the hope of some financial gain/pay-off. Who is telling the truth here. Is Dominique just a target for disgruntled political allies or is there some real truth behind all these allegations?

Uruguay's COPA America triumph which earned them the cup for the 15th time gives us hope that after five long years of waiting and trying they have once again emerged victorious clinching the coveted the title and that we can also hope for some victory after the storm.
Just keep calm and retain control of any situation you find yourself and I am sure you would emerge victorious. There would be many lulls and maybe even some wrong moves but trust and hope that God has a plan for you and that every experience is meant to teach us something or build something good in us.

Today around us the world seems to be so chaotic from man-made to natural disasters to worldwide economic crisis and the major collapse in financial sector a while back the negativity seems to be escalating beyond reason.

Despite all these happenings we should retain our sanity by pausing for a moment to be thankful for our lives, our loves, our work and so much more because we have been largely spared in all the mayhem and foolishness been perpetuated and experienced around the world.
Though this maybe be hard in the face of so much adversity.With the Great American Nation's inability to pay off its looming debts one cannot help but wonder if the mighty are so shaken with the world happenings what would happen to the lowly.

Ahhhgrrrrh Chin Up!!! Lets keep our fingers crossed praying and hoping but letting God do his "magic" in our lives and in the world around us.

Remain Safe Ya All!! Spend your time doing good and spreading hope to the hopeless.


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