Thursday, June 28

What if ??

What if the Sun Shines all day and Night? Then our world would Shrivel up and die!
What if the Oceans were Frozen over? Then Seals would Stand Tall above all Animals!
What if our Roads were Paved with Gold? Then Queens would Rule all Nations!
What if all Roses were Blue? Then only Love will fill our Hearts!
What if Pigs could Fly? Then Humans would Walk on their Heads!
What if Water and Oil did Mix? Then Fish would Swim Ashore!
What if all Dreams came True? Then Magic would Cease to Exist?
What if Animals could Talk? Then the Future would not be so Bleak!
What if the Turtle could run faster than the Hare? Then Fate wouldn't Stand a Chance!

What if Women were Men? Then our World would be peaceful and true!

What if? What if?? What if??



Anonymous said...

Woman-power house of civilization

WINC said...

So very true!!!

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