Monday, December 31

All Hail 2013 - Happy New Year

With wide open arms we welcome 2013 forgetting instantly the weight of 2012.
Like a mother we wrap her in delicate warm clothing to keep her safe and sure.
Ready at any moment to breastfeed her at the sound of any cry.
Watching, caring and teaching as she grows day in day out.
Hoping and praying that she would grow up healthy and strong.
Hoping our efforts at best would leave imprints in her heart and soul.
Trusting that she would grow up and in turn care for us as we have done her.
Oh Babe what a prize you are, bringing new hope, new dreams, new cares and new worries.

Thoughtfully we cuddle you hoping for the best at last.

Happy New Year!!!!
2013 New Year Fireworks


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