Thursday, December 27

Do you Feel Unappreciated as a Mom/Mother?

Is this one of those days when you wonder who has these kids/children? When you want to pull your hair out because no one is listening to you or heeding you instructions and they don't appreciate you and all you endless sacrifices?

Well! We all experience this in our motherhood journey at one time or the other. As humans we just would appreciate a thank-you every once in a while for being the unpaid nanny, the over-used chauffeur, the unlicensed doctor/nurse, the bone tired dry cleaner, the sweaty cook, the unrepentant housemaid and of course the teacher who teaches every subject. We wear so many hats at times it seems an impossible task
You have practically sacrificed everything for your kids/children and motherhood and you feel they don't appreciate this fact by their obvious nonchalance, their disrespect, their obvious selfishness or their refusal to do as you ask or to help you around the house.

Methinks this is the bane of every mother and not really any thing personal as kids must be kids and as they grow through different stages they are influenced by friends in school, adults around them, what the see in books or watch on Television.
The funny thing is that they more often than not appreciate our mothering and really miss it when we are not around but just take it for granted and don't really think they need to show Mom" that they appreciate her. They just assume that as Mom you should know that you are important in their lives

So the onus rests on us mothers to watch like "hungry hawks" the outside influences and to correct them whenever we hear any negative language and or see any negative action from our kids/children.

The reality is that kids/children must be kids [they are the same the world over] and more often than not they rely on their parents for guidance and direction. So early on it is advised that we as mothers and parents should always try to point them in the right direction in work and play while they are with us at home as this will would be a key determinant of how they turn out in the future.

In other words start telling and teaching your kids/children important facets about life so that the future will tell your story.

Most importantly appreciate the little things they do for you around the house and they would gladly do more and this also means they appreciate you and love to help.

But key things to really watch out for with our growing kids are;
  1. Friends they keep
  2. Parents of friends they keep
  3. Surrounding adult influences within and outside the family
  4. Books they read
  5. Movies or TV programs they watch.
  6. Habits they copy from others
As mothers we must know that we would lead and teach by example so don't do stuff or say negative things in front of your kids if you don't want them to repeat these at a later day.
Kids/Children are like magnets and they soak up every and anything around them good and bad so we must be extra careful of all the internal and external influences in their lives.

Most importantly kids thrive on schedules, so very early on try to get your kids on a schedule which would include work and play activities as this would guide them daily and in the right direction.

All in all we must never tire of mothering as this is actually a life long job, my Mom is still mothering us even in her sixties. As a mother you just cannot retire from motherhood so relish it and hope and pray you turn out successful, dynamic and loving kids/children who love and appreciate you dearly anytime any day.

Was this insightful? Let us know if you have any peculiar motherhood experience.


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