Sunday, December 23

Unique Handmade Wire Jewelry (1)

Find below some unique "one of a kind "pieces of handmade jewelry made by my sister. If you would love to see more go to the full gallery @ -

Pink Stone drops - 2 layers
Choker with matching Earrings

Green stone Chandelier Earrings

Translucent Orange toned stone Earrings

Round Wired designed Ring on my little finger
Hot Red Beaded Drops

Some amazing rings on my fingers!
What do you think? Do you like any of these?
There are so many more to see on this site;



Henry said...

Exquisite jewelry collection!!! Totally loved it. Thanks for sharing!!!

WINC said...

Thanks Henry. You are so Appreciated!

mickey mini said...

Jewellery is really appreciable as lot of hard word involved in it.The designs are somewhat antique type.Good keep it up!!
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WINC said...

Thanks @ Mikey mini. Pls come back to visit

Anonymous said...

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john smith said...

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