Friday, January 11

Live and Let Live or Don't Live and Die

Imagine the serenity and peace of mind one would have if you learn to Live and Let Live.

More often than not we think that others should think, act and live like us, so we just can't accept their "idiocracies" and sometimes unbelievable behavior or actions.
Remember that YOU have your own unique peculiarities and though you think them cool someone else may not think so.

There are also instances when you would feel insulted maligned or even down right abused. Then what do you lash right back at the offensive person and imagine you will feel good or better or do you ignore them and their stupidity and move on with your live.
What of when it is a spouse or partner that is setting you off with their annoying habits, their refusal to listen or their intended insult for your person?

What do you do? Do you get angry and give him or her as good as you get and also nag and complain about it for as long as you can to anyone who cares to listen or do you walk away and let him or her cool down and pick up the issues another time?

Sometimes in real life this is hard as we are quick to retaliate when we feel we are been undermined, abused or misrepresented.
And more often than not we actually have an immediate retaliatory outburst when this happens [Since most of us mere humans don't have the patience of the biblical JOB]. But thereafter do you then push the incident out of your mind and move on or do you keep rehashing it and twisting and turning about at night thinking about how you well maltreated or ill-treated by you significant other or friend and go on to worry endlessly "holding in the bitterness to the detriment of your health and state of mind".

Well! You must learn to "Live and let Live" so that you can have a good life, the freedom to laugh and live and a state of general well-begin.
I also strongly believe the the "Aura" around your person is also more attractive to others when your mind is in a good place.
This is hard I know but I too can tell you that in my experience when I live and Let Live my soul is free, my heart light and my mind can focus on new things and I can dream again.
It is daily struggle but I try and so must YOU.

Let us know what you can't just Live and Let Leave in your life today[I mean forgive and forget or move on from].


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