Wednesday, January 16

The BiIking Lengend dethroned - The Lance Armstrong Story

The Biking Legend Dethroned - The Lance Armstrong Story

It's a pity the way Lance Armstrong was brought down to his knees. In one fell swoop he was dethroned, dishonored, stigmatized, ostracized and humiliated; dragging his loved ones with him.

From long weekends biking with George Bush to dinner with the underdogs? This is not how it was meant to go down.

What happened that led him down this road of lies, cover ups and fraudulent dealings?

What will his confess to Oprah on Jan the 17th? Will all be admitted or has the truth be really embellished by the press.
Is he being maligned by disgruntled unsuccessful former team mates who have long fallen by the way side or it is simply the time for truth.

Fame is surely not for the faint hearted. We cannot even imagine what he and his loved ones are going through now. All in All they are humans and must be at their lowest ebb.

We must all remember that nothing is hidden under the sun and that one day " Monkey go go market e no go return"

How are the Mighty Fallen!!!

Well let's see how this pans out.


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