Monday, March 21

When is the right time to start making Babies? - Baby makes Three

Baby makes Three
I am sure lots of couples often as themselves this question "When is the right time to start making babies?".

I too wondered but did not worry too much about it, though family worried and asked severally if all was okay with I was till not pregnant after 6 months+ after

Luckily the baby did come and made us three after 18 months of marriage and I felt the time was just right...not at all too late. If i had planned it deliberately i may have wanted the baby to make us 3 after 24 months or so.

Really! I believe any new couple needs time to acclimatize with living together or sharing a home...remember they are from two different backgrounds and there a lot of learning and adjusting to be done...ask me I know. But that is strictly my opinion and it may not hold any water when they have been living together in the same space long before marriage.

In Africa our extended families plus the society at large puts a lot of pressure on the new couple as everyone expects them to start popping out babies in a minute and these seemingly innocent inquiries, advice or solicitations mounts pressure on the couple. 
Some are able to resist this pressure but many cave under this pressure and begin to run here and there hunting for answers to unknown questions  and this puts enough stress on an already stressful situation.

As for me I totally filtered out all the baby talk till I was good and ready to hear them. The reality is that there is no right time to have babies. Each couple should be left to make their own way.
Not forgetting that Fate, God and Health also has a hand in your baby making abilities as the couple may be ready but the baby won't be forthcoming.

So, When is the right time to make babies? Well there is no right time...Each to his/her own as the saying goes. You decide when it is right for other words be the master of your own fate.


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