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Welcome to Woman-Incorporated!
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My name is Consolata and I operate this blog – Woman-Incorporated.
I am first and foremost a somewhat devoted wife [To Patrick - my hussy] and a passionate mom to [Bede and Thea] two beautiful, exotic, intelligent and loving kids with an outstanding capacity to absorb and love, and then a budding blogger, who truly enjoys writing.

I am propelled forward daily by the Chinese proverb that says “Woman You can Hold Up Half the Sky”. Yes we can! But only if you believe in yourself and your innate and acquired skills/capabilities; The reality is that women actually make better Managers, Entrepreneurs, Parents and so much more.

My objective is to share experiences and information about womanhood with relation to Marriage, relationships, Parenting, Motherhood, Pregnancy, Conception and the Society at large.

The ultimate result is to project women as Wonderful, Strong, Beautiful, Creative, Courageous, Loving, and Enterprising Individuals who are the stable cohesive force in Marriages, Families, Society at large and even the work place.

It is also hoped that some women would gain inspiration and knowledge from this blog and thus be able to forge ahead with courage, strength and hope in their lives and homes. While some others would have the inclination to share their experiences and thoughts on some issues raised so that other can learn from them.

Woman You can Hold Up Half the Sky!!!