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"Love is what makes you wake up in the morning to try and try again".

"On the deep end it is Sink or Swim! Muscle up life is full of tricks".

"The world would be a better place for us all if we take pains to do what is right not only in the eyes of God but in the eyes of Men". Tread carefully!

"We must listen to the Lord but we must not forget to listen others, because sometimes they see things we are not able to see". Remember this always!

"Peace comes from within so strive to make something of yourself, do something for yourself, be someone you want to be and give something of yourself to others".

"To have a successful marriage or union you must die to self".

"Life isn't about waiting for the STORM to pass... It's about learning to dance in the RAIN, designer studs, make-up, hair weave and all".

"Marriage is a push-pull relationship; its is a give and take relationship".

"God made woman with real strength of character and purpose so we may use it for the good of those we love".

"In our world today a sense of legitimacy and respect is wrapped up with beauty in today’s world". What does beauty mean to you?

"Try to see the good in your spouse as we ourselves are imperfect beings living in a not so perfect world".

"Idle mischievous minds will always lurk around you be guarded in your talk and action lest they prey upon you".

"There is treasure all around you check your trash".

You must love others as much as you love yourself!!!

Tell Someone today what you admire most about him or her. How you choose to see others to a great extent becomes your opinion of your own self-worth. Choose to see the best in others.
"One man's waste is another man's treasure".

"Do the right thing and let God do the rest".

Pause for happiness sake!"Swift decisions are not sure" Take time to think through important decisions...for they may comeback to haunt you later in life.

"Appreciation in Marriage is a two way street; learn to show appreciation to receive appreciation from your spouse".
Learning is discovering a new world, a new galaxy, a new specie. It keeps you ageless. Learn something new everyday.

"At one time or the other in everyone’s life you will have in-laws or you will become someone’s in-law, learn to be open to receive love and give love".

Love is patient, Love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast and it is not proud. Love is not rude, self-seeking or easily angered. It keeps no records of wrongs. Love never fails!!!

"Happiness lies in discovering the world around you, Voyage, Travel and Change the world".

"Happiness is but a few notes away, Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth".

Do you know that your 20s is your prime time to shine, look beautiful and rock, 30s your time to grow and excel, 40s your time to exhibit maturity and a clear focus on your direction in life, 50s you time to consolidate financially and at 60 your time to retire. What do you think?

Nothing feels better like a job well done. "Success lies in the finishing not the dreaming or the starting" Wake up start to work on that dream and finish it.

"Giving first to others is ultimately the best gift you can give to yourself". It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Life happens and with it some "shitty stuff" you would rather do without. Not to worry, constantly strive to rise above and beyond the "negativity" around you. It is all in a days job!!!

I Tarry not for my race is far from over my tracks windy and never ending - But filled with intrigue, challanges, triumph, failure, joy, laughter, and pain. These "Life's widgets" determine who I am at every stage of d race ; A mere human, Child of my parents, Wife to Patrick, Mother of 2, Sister to 5, Relative and Friend to many but my crowning Glory is my FATHER most HIGH without WHO there would be no me!

If you have erred ask for Forgiveness; The best state to live in is in the state of the "Forgiven".

"Your life will flash by in your youth so endeavour to make a difference and leave lasting memories so that as you slow down in your older years you can look back and recall fond memories of places, people and achievements". Time waits for no one I tell you!!!

All that is good, all that is perfect is given from above; it comes down from the Father of all light; with him there is no such thing as alteration no shadow caused by change.

Our history and our today seem to be on a collision course. We are coming full circle as the past seems to crop up frequently in our today! Old friends and contacts appearing from the blues and there is still a connection.

As long as we are alive we should continue to dream big dreams and reach for the skies! Failure to do this connotes that we are dead, terminaly ill or a living in a state of limbo. Dreams cost nothing, so don't skimp on them, they are the key foundations of any achievement..

"The world is your Oasis, and in due time ripe low hanging fruit will be available for your plucking". Carry on!

"Simple things change the world! Be the difference you want to see".

We all have the same 24hr days, but not the same God given talent or abilities. If you use your time wisely you would most probably surpass those with more ability but terrible time management skills. Start charting your course today!!! Why wait?

Failure is not necessarily the end of the road. Many a time it marks the beginning of a new and exciting adventure that will ultimately lead to success. Oyaaa ohh! Stand up dust ur bottom and get going!!!

"You best not look at the past with anger or the future with fear. Instead look around you in awareness and appreciate your now"..

Some days methinks d woman did not get a fair hearing from God; with PMS ,Pregnancy, mood swings ,ungainly weight gain, labour, breastfeeding, parenting​, nursing, talkless of those crazy stretch marks/hormones only the woman is plagued with. But in truth the woman is a unique blend of fearlessness, intelligence, intuitiveness, ambition, selfless​ loving coupled with those sexy womanly proportions that men die 4. On killer heels we can take on the world!

I often wish people would spend less time praying against "so called enemies" and more time asking God to Sanctify them and fill them with Loving kindness so our world would be a better place for us all. Even for "our Enemies"! Peace and Love is all our world needs to thrive!!!



Abimbola Adekoya said...

Mum bede i guess you know who this is? Anyway it's obvious You are having good time with the kids, FYI your kids in the office are missing you dearly especially at this time of Indian era. We are like foster kids Hopping and praying that someday our parents will come and take us out of the orphangae. Really the Atmosphere is tensed. Saw your Hussy's Pix. I reserve my comment till you resume. Bims.

Consolata said...

Bimbs, thanks for stopping by. I miss you guys too. Come back to my blog soon. said...

It's good to discover this side of M. Consy. She is holding up her own.

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