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My Top 10 Appreciation Tips!

Who are You?

Do you know who you are? What are your values and how do you measure self worth?
How do you relate to your husband or partner?
Do you work constantly at improving your relationship?
You have to invest heavily to achieve a successful marriage or union!
You and the hussy have to syncronize your efforts in solidifying your marrioage or partnership.
In getting to understand youself fully make serious efforts to appreciate your Spouse or partner.
 Join me by learning and spreading the art of appreciation!oin me by learning and spreading the art of appreciation!

Do You Feel Unappreciated as Wife/Woman?

Unappreciated in Love

 I wonder if it is normal to feel Unappreciated by your husband/man at times.

Woman You Can Hold Up Half the Sky

Holding Up Half the Sky

I borrow the title of this lens from a Chinese proverb that says "Women Hold Up Half the Sky".

Women we should strive to better our selves by educating our selves and excelling in our jobs or businesses.

Believe it or not women make better managers and even better strategists as we are born leaders, empathic, sharp witted and deep thinkers.

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